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От: Thursday, November 16, 2006 4:22:44 PM

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If student are looking to learn German intensively and in a manner tailored to their needs then TREFF PUNKT is the school for them. TREFF PUNKT is the small leading language school in Germany and renowned both with executives and private individuals. It is located in the very center of the German city of Bamberg which has been designated a cultural landmark by UNESCO and is home to almost 10,000 students.

Qualified instructors and an open and friendly atmosphere ensure swift progress in the command of the German language. TREFF PUNKT offers a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. 5 times per week students will be offered the opportunity to practice the knowledge gained in the classroom through personal encounters with residents of Bamberg and a variety of extracurricular activities.

TREFF PUNKT is a very friendly language and adult education institute for adults only. Located in the scenic university town of Bamberg TREFF PUNKT provides a comfortable environment for studying German. TREFF PUNKT believes in helping to develop a competent and enjoyable command of the German language always taking into account individual learning needs whether as a total beginner or at an advanced level.

Since our successful start in 1995 we have been serving students and executives more about 40 countries. Our participants have included employees from well-known companies such as Bosch, Siemens, PWC and KPMG. Our institute is capable of handling a maximum capacity of 80 students at one time. Courses are divided into several levels based upon the participants' command of the language.

High attention is paid to...

...having 2 instructors per group to ensure that students will profit from different teaching styles and methods

...instruction in small groups - 5 students on average - so that students receive a high level of attention enabling them to achieve their personal learning objectives

...offering a large number of extracurricular activities each week to enable students to become acquainted with day-to-day life in Germany and with the people who live there thereby leading to even greater improvement in their verbal skills. The programme differs from others as it goes beyond conventional tourist excursions and events. We aim to provide students with an insight into the German way of life and the country's culture. They will experience the friendly and open manner of the people of Bamberg their enthusiasm when it comes to street festivals and at other times their preference for relaxing in cafés and beer gardens. And they will experience both historical architecture and modern art and culture.

...the right choice of accommodation is also a very important factor in ensuring that students will feel comfortable during their stay in Bamberg. All of our recommended accommodations are located no more than a 30 minutes away from the school (walking). 10 minutes by bicycle or bus

homestay - self-catering - very popular! Staying in a private home with Germans. The flatmate(s) will be the students' age and depending on the students' background also working professionals or students. Very high student satisfaction!
homestay - with breakfast or half-board in personally selected families. High student satisfaction!
holiday apartments - self-contained units. The economic alternative to a hotel. All centrally located in the beautiful old town. Perfectly equipped kitchen, with TV and internet access.
hotels & guest houses. From standard to premium all nicely located within walking distance to the school / center.
...offering Seminars in addition to the language course on topics of students' interest. Most popular are:

German in the office / . Intercultural Training - welcome to Germany / Successful Presentations in Germany / Successful job application in Germany / Successful job interview in Germany / German for Architects / German beers - all about history, brewing process and the different types with a tasting
Our school profile as we are looked upon by students. Professional and demanding in class and in the organization of the school. Great fun to be with in the breaks and and the extracurricular activities. Very friendly, patient and open to any requests at any time of the day. Please note that we have an 24-hour emergency call number for students from Monday to Sunday.

Alexandra von Rohr
Sprachinstitut TREFF PUNKT
Hauptwachstrasse 19
D-96047 Bamberg / Germany
Phone +49-951-204404
Fax +49-951-204474

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